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It’s not just a call… It’s a warning.

From Warner Bros. Pictures comes Matt Reeves’ “The Batman,” starring Robert Pattinson in the dual role of Gotham City’s vigilante detective and his alter ego, reclusive billionaire Bruce Wayne. Starring alongside Pattinson (“Tenet,” “The Lighthouse”) as Gotham’s famous and infamous cast of characters are Zoë Kravitz (“Big Little Lies,” “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”) as Selina Kyle; Paul Dano (“Love & Mercy,” “12 Years a Slave”) as Edward Nashton; Jeffrey Wright (“No Time to Die,” “Westworld”) as the GCPD’s James Gordon; John Turturro (the “Transformers” films, “The Plot Against America”) as Carmine Falcone; Peter Sarsgaard (“The Magnificent Seven,” “Interrogation”) as Gotham D.A. Gil Colson; Jayme Lawson (“Farewell Amor”) as mayoral candidate Bella Reál; with Andy Serkis (the “Planet of the Apes” films, “Black Panther”) as Alfred; and Colin Farrell (“The Gentlemen,” “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”) as Oswald Cobblepot. Reeves (“The Planet of the Apes” franchise) directed from a screenplay by Reeves & Peter Craig, based on characters from DC. Batman was created by Bob Kane with Bill Finger. Dylan Clark (the “Planet of the Apes” films) and Reeves produced the film, with Michael E. Uslan, Walter Hamada, Chantal Nong Vo and Simon Emanuel serving as executive producers. The director’s behind-the-scenes creative team included Oscar-nominated director of photography Greig Fraser (“Dune,” “Lion”); Reeves’ “Planet of the Apes” production designer, James Chinlund, and editor, William Hoy; editor Tyler Nelson (“Rememory”); and Oscar-winning costume designer Jacqueline Durran (“1917,” “Little Women,” “Anna Karenina”). The music is by Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino (the current “Spider-Man,” “Jurassic World” and “Star Wars” films, “Up”). Warner Bros. Pictures Presents a 6th & Idaho/Dylan Clark Productions Production, a Matt Reeves Film, “The Batman.” The film is set to open in theaters March 4, 2022 and will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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  • SevenElevenBoy


    19 секунд бұрын

    This is exactly what i wanted the next batman to be, dark ambience and good looking and recognizable actors just like they were in the dark knight

  • Pwnstar


    22 секунд бұрын

    eeeh ... I dunno how much acting can a sparkly guy do, but good luck with it

  • Jamey Magno

    Jamey Magno

    25 секунд бұрын

    That chin had too much plot armor

  • crzmex21


    32 секунд бұрын


  • D


    34 секунд бұрын

    oh yes :)

  • Harshvardhan Singh Rathore

    Harshvardhan Singh Rathore

    41 секунд бұрын

    #trustBattinson #UltimateDarkerDC

  • D'Johns veress

    D'Johns veress

    42 секунд бұрын

    Did i hear Darth Vader enter the scene at the end there or was that just me 😅 ?

  • Anthony's Take On Music

    Anthony's Take On Music

    48 секунд бұрын

    Actually looks and feels like a Batman movie! WB can make fantastic DC movies they just have to get out of their own way sometimes

  • Vato_Loco_Squid


    52 секунд бұрын

    I'm I the only person who laugh at the part where batman slam at the glass cuz I didn't understand what he said there 😂😂

  • Apu Das Apurbo

    Apu Das Apurbo

    57 секунд бұрын

    No word to describe

  • Evan H.

    Evan H.

    Минут бұрын

    Bruh I pressed like button a couple seconds after trailer started I'm that excited.

  • Draco


    Минут бұрын


  • lewis lorethe

    lewis lorethe

    Минут бұрын

    The person editing these trailers sure does like Nirvana.

  • I love Trap & Futanari Hentai...

    I love Trap & Futanari Hentai...

    Минут бұрын

    "When the mugger or the thief stops to think twice, that is fear. That is me. That is why they sent Assassins after me!"
    Because I am the reason the Criminals breath easier when the sun rises!!!"
    -Batman: Arkham Origins.



    Минут бұрын


  • Abraham Blanco

    Abraham Blanco

    Минут бұрын

    0:58 Lmao

  • KryzeNgard


    Минут бұрын

    As much as I love Batman and all of the movies. Do we really need another one?

  • Recep Tiryaki

    Recep Tiryaki

    Минут бұрын

    do not raise your expectations. we’re going to see visual effects which trying to be cool and crappy DC storytelling.

  • sliced-american-ham 1

    sliced-american-ham 1

    Минут бұрын

    Gotta appreciate the sheer mystery in these trailers. Telling us enough but not to much. This is gonna be an awesome movie.

  • Hadês StudiØs

    Hadês StudiØs

    2 минут бұрын

    FINALLY!!! DC is getting GOOOD!

  • L


    2 минут бұрын

    He has a Batman/Winter Soldier vibe I love it

  • Juan Reyes

    Juan Reyes

    2 минут бұрын


  • jose alfredo muñoz alvarez

    jose alfredo muñoz alvarez

    2 минут бұрын

    Por un trailer no me hago ilusiones!!.



    2 минут бұрын


  • loverboy366


    2 минут бұрын

    It is said the intensity with which the Batman hunts a criminal makes them actually make sloppy mistakes simply due to the fear he causes. No wonder they missed. What an accurate representation from the comics.



    2 минут бұрын

    Is it me or anyone noticed that sync punches guns with music

  • zazz69ed


    3 минут бұрын

    ther only movie with batman in it that was good was heath ledger as the joker...this one seems kinda dark.. i hope we didnt just see the only good parts of the movie in this trailer...

    • Littlebodybigheart


      Минут бұрын

      “This one seems kinda dark” do you even know who Batman is?

  • shaano Shah

    shaano Shah

    3 минут бұрын

    He is angry ,very very angry.

  • That is not hair

    That is not hair

    3 минут бұрын

    " I am vengeance, I am the knight, I am Batman "

  • Urban Rain

    Urban Rain

    3 минут бұрын

    Looks heckin’ dope.

  • Malcolm Summers

    Malcolm Summers

    4 минут бұрын

    Soooo where are all the Battinson haters now?????? 😂😂😂😂

  • Bradley


    4 минут бұрын


  • caspian alvbris

    caspian alvbris

    4 минут бұрын

    waldorf/idrott läxa

  • Kad3n.


    4 минут бұрын

    I can tell this movie will be a Amazing already just from this trailer alone. I’m so hyped 😃

  • Conker Squirrel

    Conker Squirrel

    4 минут бұрын

    DC movies firing on all cylinders!! ✊🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • slinger two2

    slinger two2

    4 минут бұрын


  • Michael Bartholomew

    Michael Bartholomew

    4 минут бұрын

    I'm sold. Looks pretty good. The scene with Batman pummeling someone on the ground while Catwoman watches in fear shows this Batman will be unlike any we have seen on the big screen yet.

  • Alexias B.

    Alexias B.

    4 минут бұрын

    Incredible that there is Robert Pattinson underneath this amazingly good-looking Batman suit! And he's so dark and badass 😏. Not just the Dark Knight, but an angel of vengeance 🦇😈.  I'm sure that this movie will be one of the best in 2022! 👍

  • KB


    4 минут бұрын

    Batman isnt vengeance tf. And are they just ignoring matial arts? It seems like hes just punching and being agressive.

    • Littlebodybigheart


      27 секунд бұрын

      I see some people are uninformed...

    • BlueWing174


      47 секунд бұрын

      Are you joking? One of the the most iconic quotes from Batman is “I am VENGEANCE. I am the night. I am Batman!”.

    • Morgan Machac

      Morgan Machac

      Минут бұрын

      He’s a young Batman who fights like a younger man, so driven by anger. I can see this Batman becoming like the invincible Arkham Batman in about 4-9 movies.

  • DarkBrickProductions


    4 минут бұрын

    It’s funny because the Batman is the one whose supposed to correct the villains and tell them to take it easy, but instead the penguin literally has to correct him

  • कल आज और कल

    कल आज और कल

    5 минут бұрын

    awesomeeeeee 😭😭

  • Abid Masud Prottay

    Abid Masud Prottay

    5 минут бұрын

    Watching for 20th time

  • Ben Werner

    Ben Werner

    5 минут бұрын

    That bit with the Batmobile at the end really gave off a steve mcqueen bullit vibe. I love it. Hard, gritty, street level sleuthing

  • Smokey Bear

    Smokey Bear

    5 минут бұрын

    Mr. E : I’ve been trying to reach you
    Batman: SWEAR TO GOD !!!! 😂

  • Rockett Gazzola

    Rockett Gazzola

    5 минут бұрын

    ya!!! larguen la maldita pelicula!

  • Jaedan Washington

    Jaedan Washington

    5 минут бұрын


  • CHEFF pool

    CHEFF pool

    5 минут бұрын

    reboot from old movies thats what it is

  • PepperPeterPiper Pickled

    PepperPeterPiper Pickled

    5 минут бұрын

    So instead of making a new black character, they just recycle catwoman into a black woman? real nice.
    riddler and penguin seem cringe.
    and batman takes point blank machine gun fire constantly? he's supposed to be a ninja ffs

  • Satish Shingadia

    Satish Shingadia

    5 минут бұрын

    This looks so amazing 👍🏾

  • LRgogo


    5 минут бұрын

    That music does not let off… 😨

  • Claire Elizabeth

    Claire Elizabeth

    5 минут бұрын

    Robert Pattinson😍😍

  • 𝒟𝑒𝑒𝓅𝒶𝓀 ™

    𝒟𝑒𝑒𝓅𝒶𝓀 ™

    5 минут бұрын

    Love th willen

  • Christian Gormley

    Christian Gormley

    6 минут бұрын

    This is literally amazing. The atmosphere, the anger I can feel just from Robert Pattinson's acting... absolutely gave me chills. Great job to everyone working on this movie!

  • naga satyageeth

    naga satyageeth

    6 минут бұрын

    I hope it's great but I just still can't imagine Cedric as batman lol

  • salman nassif

    salman nassif

    6 минут бұрын

    Hi nick

  • JSB


    6 минут бұрын

    Riddle me this riddle me that, who’s afraid of the big black BAT!!!

  • Jacob Corrao

    Jacob Corrao

    6 минут бұрын

    Damn that looks ridiculous!!!!!!

  • pizzaburgerman


    6 минут бұрын

    Looks absolutely incredible

  • Brendanjuzy


    6 минут бұрын

    I got u !!!!!!! I got u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brainwashed Sheep

    Brainwashed Sheep

    6 минут бұрын

    I wish batman was still a ninja..

  • A Laggy Memer

    A Laggy Memer

    6 минут бұрын


  • Cristian Rm

    Cristian Rm

    6 минут бұрын




    6 минут бұрын

    He will be THE NEXT LEVEL BATMAN😈😈😈😈😈

  • Being Shrabon

    Being Shrabon

    6 минут бұрын

    My boiii Robert

  • Noob Gamer

    Noob Gamer

    6 минут бұрын

    Simply 🤯

  • Harvey's Beans

    Harvey's Beans

    6 минут бұрын

    00:57 what on earth is Robert Battinson saying here

  • Ionut Cristian

    Ionut Cristian

    7 минут бұрын

    Devito's penguin was so iconic that the next live action version sounds just like him.

  • Amit Jasrotia

    Amit Jasrotia

    7 минут бұрын

    Me be like now : f**k marvel 🤣

  • Uday Jose

    Uday Jose

    7 минут бұрын

    Is it just me, or does the new score theme for 'The Batman' sounds, almost similar to Darth Vader's theme. #MusicianGeekCommenting

  • BoomerBoi


    7 минут бұрын

    Something in the way , the costume
    The cinematography
    It’s all so good

  • creative creator

    creative creator

    7 минут бұрын

    I don't like the batman's car In this movie

  • Luis Ángel Solano Ng

    Luis Ángel Solano Ng

    7 минут бұрын

    That song says me EVERYTHING!!!

  • Joe Limon

    Joe Limon

    7 минут бұрын

    Meh, emotionally volatile Batman is not cool

  • Benjamino Del Camino

    Benjamino Del Camino

    7 минут бұрын

    What a trailer it looks so promising im so hyped lol

  • TheMinotaur 80

    TheMinotaur 80

    7 минут бұрын

    12,000 dislikes= crying, jealous, Marvel kids

  • Martin Karcel

    Martin Karcel

    7 минут бұрын

    Collin Farell as penguin reminds so much De niro

  • JinzoCrash


    7 минут бұрын


  • Viktor Ranchero

    Viktor Ranchero

    7 минут бұрын

    Fascinante, espectacular 🎙🎵🔥🎶❤🎺🎻🙏🏻🤗🤩😊😍😘

  • Curt Pullan

    Curt Pullan

    7 минут бұрын

    Prisoners 2: The Return of Alex Jones

  • zubin chadha

    zubin chadha

    7 минут бұрын

    this might be the best batman movie

  • Nilanjana Sarkar

    Nilanjana Sarkar

    7 минут бұрын

    Finally ❤

  • Guyver Raziel

    Guyver Raziel

    8 минут бұрын

    Omg! This batman is something on the next level. Robert did well.

  • Ehtisham.


    8 минут бұрын

    Vengeance? I thought he was batman

  • Scuffed Connoisseur

    Scuffed Connoisseur

    8 минут бұрын

    THIS is what a trailer should look like ... HYPE

  • SOR23


    8 минут бұрын

    So does this batman kill??

  • Robert H

    Robert H

    8 минут бұрын

    Do we really need another Batman movie?

  • Evol 9005

    Evol 9005

    8 минут бұрын

    "Master Bruce. Bats... Together... stron-" oh my bad, Wrong franchise

  • patdawg143


    8 минут бұрын

    This looks great!

  • ItsSoMuchToast


    8 минут бұрын


  • Scenic Fights

    Scenic Fights

    8 минут бұрын

    This looks terrifyingly superb! I would not want to mess with Robert Pattinson's Batman. As for Colin Farrell, I would have never guessed he's The Penguin. Hype!

    • SUNNUN


      4 минут бұрын

      it looks very bad i feel sorry for you noob

  • Mein Liebe

    Mein Liebe

    9 минут бұрын

    A new batman? Or the story's still connected to other movie?

  • Vikas Thakare

    Vikas Thakare

    9 минут бұрын

    Excited 😁

  • nawaz saquib

    nawaz saquib

    9 минут бұрын

    I hope that Bane from the dark knight rises hasn't died and comes back



    9 минут бұрын

    I have looked at it for 5 fours a masterpiece

    • maycon santos

      maycon santos

      8 минут бұрын

      Me too Lol

  • Raj Yadav

    Raj Yadav

    9 минут бұрын

    The story Looks like batman the telltale series games



    9 минут бұрын

    0:08 - I thought it was Cillian Murphy for a second reprising his role as the scarecrow

  • Eggman Eggcellent

    Eggman Eggcellent

    9 минут бұрын

    0:59 that is not the Batman I grew up with 0-0

  • Phillip Reynolds

    Phillip Reynolds

    9 минут бұрын


  • Eric Carter

    Eric Carter

    9 минут бұрын

    This looks VERY UNIQUE and MATURE!
    EXACTLY what we need more of with comic book movies!